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Pipestone Fish Tails…

Pipestone Lake was formed by an earthquake millions of years ago creating some of the most spectacular scenery in Northwestern Ontario. Established over 85 years ago, Sullivan’s outpost cabin was originally built in 1926. Later purchased by members of the Hayes family, it was renamed Cedar Island Lodge.

Cedar Island Lodge is family owned and operated by the Baker family of Clearwater Lake, Ontario. The Baker’s spent their summers on Clearwater (Burditt) Lake fishing, hunting, swimming, water skiing and enjoying the beauty of Ontario’s Sunset Country. In 1984 Todd and Carrie were married and purchased their own cabin on Clearwater Lake. Their three children have many fond memories with friends and family at the lake. As their children grew older, Todd and Carrie spent numerous weekends crossing North Clearwater Portage to fish Pipestone Lake. Somehow all the worries of the world just seem to disappear when you descend into Pipestone! Peaceful, breathtaking and oh… so many fish!